Electronic Tee sheet

Price Adjustment & Marketing:


Twice per week we consider all the parameters that could influence a golfer to book a tee time at your golf course. This ranges across a number of factors including weather conditions, lead time, historical data, the number of page views you are getting on your visitor booking engine... the list goes on!


We then make a pricing adjustment within the predefined rules, and inline with the wider visitor golf strategy.

Once we have made the adjustment, we then look to get your golf course and the new offer in front of golfers. This marketing can include, paid digital advertising campaigns, an email or social media post and working closely with the tee time market place websites to promote the new offer. 

Hey Presto! you are now applying revenue management to your tee sheet and combining this with digital marketing!

Tee Sheet & Website Analysis:


We analyse your tee sheet, historical performance and online presence.


Then, based on your goals and our analysis we create a detailed visitor strategy. This involves rules to maintain price integrity and a wider digital marketing plan including email and social media.


It's your decision with our expertise.

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At the end of every month we produce a detailed report which looks at a number of parameters including channel mix, revenue per channel, cost of sale i.e. barter, commissions etc, Google Analytics data from your visitor booking engine and much more. 

Our reporting suite 'REPORTS.GOLF' is a market leading software which allows benchmarking across all KPI's. The software offers golf course mangers and operators vital insight into their visitor business, and puts the information required to make decisions in one place.


Optimise pricing strategy  

Revenue management

Optimise distribution channels

Improved course utilisation

Dynamic pricing

Strategy delivery​
Competitor monitoring
Technology utilsation
Online review management
Google Ads
Organic digital marketing
Social media management
Google Analytics
Digital transformation
RevPATT approach
Monitor "barter" sales
Control revenue displacement
Negotiate agents' commissions
Reduced operating costs