The Revenue Club was founded in 2017 with the mission to offer independent visitor golf expertise to UK & Irish golf course operators.


We create and deliver effective visitor golf strategies that work in the best interest of the golf course. We save golf course staff time as we administer sales reviews and price adjustments remotely in line with the agreed pricing rules, acting as part of the golf course team. 


We negotiate with third party agents and technology providers on behalf of our clients. We ensure that golf courses' own revenues are always prioritised and our clients are benefitting from the latest technology developments. 

We help golf courses utilise more of the technology and customer data they currently have in order to maximise both value and revenue.​ 


Our clients remain in control of their pricing and strategy, while we deliver peace of mind that strategic adjustments are being carried out regularly by independent experts, acting in favour of the golf course with accountability. 

Rob Corcoran, Director 
rob@therevenueclub.co.uk | 07737 335908

The way golfers play and book golf has changed significantly over the past 10 years. I have personally witnessed this change from inside the golf industry. I used one of the very first tee sheets whilst working at De Vere the early 00's, was responsible for instigating and managing the change from a paper tee sheet and cash register to an Electronic Tee Sheet and EPOS at Macdonald Portal, and more recently I have worked for Teeofftimes.co.uk/GolfNow/BRS Golf helping to bring new courses into golf’s digital age.  


Given the average age of golfers, it’s not surprising that there has been some resistance to digital bookings.  However, with membership models becoming more flexible, golf courses more open to the casual golfer and the technology available to book tee times on our mobile phones, golf is about to experience a more rapid digital change than ever before.  


Whilst at Teeofftimes/GolfNow/BRS Golf I observed some golf courses beginning to capitalise on the growth of online bookings, but at the same time noticed that a typical golf course manager/secretary’s time was becoming more stretched. A lack of time can mean that the online green fee strategy drops to the ‘bottom of the pile’ and this opportunity cost is where the idea of The Revenue Club was born.  I am acutely aware of the income online green fees can generate and I want to help golf courses make the most of this ever-growing opportunity.  


Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your digital green fee strategy. 

Nick Eden.jpg
Nick Eden, Account Director 
nick@therevenueclub.co.uk | 07464 879 023

I spent 4+ years as an Account Manager at Teeofftimes/GolfNow/BRS covering the Midlands and South East territories which gained me an excellent knowledge of the online visitor market. My goal was always to concentrate on supporting clubs to maximise their total online green fee revenue, which in turn led to impressive growth within my markets.

Before joining Teeofftimes I spent several years working within golf clubs, this gave me a good understanding of the operational challenges faced by clubs to effectively market themselves and the all-important balance that must be achieved at nearly all clubs between different revenue channels. Prior to this I spent 9 years managing sales and marketing teams across some of the key UK health club operators.

In recent years I have been particularly interested in the growth of direct booking channels vs 3rd party distributors. I have seen clubs start to take back more of the market share largely due to better technology solutions and improved marketing efforts at a club level. However at most clubs there is still a lot more that can be done to increase bookings. At The Revenue Club, I can personally use my knowledge of the markets to make the right decisions on green fee strategy, and apply the marketing techniques that clubs typically don’t have the time to complete themselves.

A key strength of mine is reading clubs booking data to influence decisions on how to optimise bookings. The Revenue Club pull together more data than ever to paint a full picture of the overall online business. We then support our clubs in making strategic decisions on all aspects of their online business which puts the clubs needs first. We provide a level of insight that nobody else in the industry can!

Having worked with over 500 golf courses in the UK over the course of my career in the golf industry, I have developed a sound understanding of the market and the main challenges that lie therein. As e-commerce and digital marketing continues to evolve, there are a number of opportunities that are perfect for golf courses to take advantage of.


During my six years Teeofftimes.co.uk and GolfNow/BRS, the really enjoyable part of my role was working alongside golf courses to understand their objectives and help them make the most of digital opportunities. This needn’t necessarily be increasing the volume of green fees, it might be the achievement of a better balance of member and visitor play to optimise the use of your key asset, the golf course.


One of the key enablers of increasing revenue is to ensure that the course is getting the necessary exposure in the places where golfers are looking. With comprehensive social media experience, Google AdWords Certification and 13 years’ experience in building search engine marketing campaigns, I help our partners enhance their marketing communications in a targeted and cost-effective manner.


At The Revenue Club we are able to get closer with our partners with the sole objective of helping them to achieve their goals. We encourage golf clubs to see us as an extension of their management team which enables us to quickly illustrate the numerous benefits of our service.

James Lanigan, Digital Marketing Manager

james@therevenueclub.co.uk 07429 165 339

I have been involved in the golf industry for over 5 years professionally and was playing for many years beforehand. Throughout this time I have been able to develop a broad understanding of what is needed for a golf club to achieve success in the modern day. Completing the AGMS degree (2015-2018) enabled me to develop my working knowledge of the golf industry, both practically and academically. It also gave me the opportunity to focus on the specific areas I was passion about.

Whilst at university, my passion for digital marketing developed which lead me to set up and run a Social First agency for over a year, focusing on helping companies with their social & digital presence. Throughout this time I knew the opportunity for the golf clubs to capitalise on social & digital excellence was huge & I was always looking for a way to combine my two passions. Joining The Revenue Club team has enabled me to do just that and I am excited to work with and help as many golf clubs as possible achieve digital success.

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TJ Ford, Account Manager 

Having played golf at a national and international stage and recently completed a masters degree in marketing at IT Sligo, my role combines a passion for the sport with the academic foundations I gained at university. My experience in and around golf clubs from a young age has given me an in depth understanding of golf operations and the importance of achieving a balance between the different areas of the business.


I have witnessed the benefits our service provides to golf clubs across the UK and am excited about developing The Revenue Club’s presence in Ireland. Given the results that our customers have experienced in a short space of time I am confident that more Irish and Northern Irish clubs will be able to gain from considerable increases in their online sales.