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Social Media Developments

As you will already be aware Facebook and Instagram regularly change the content they would like to show audiences, from test-based content, photographs, videos, stories, reels… these platforms push different aspects of their service to certain users, ultimately these platforms are trying to keep users on them for as long as possible and get them engaged.

With that in mind, here at The Revenue Club we are updating the way that we use social media on behalf of our partner clubs. We have always focussed on driving web traffic to a golf clubs booking engine in order to convert the lookers into bookers. This is still at the forefront of our thinking, and this new era will help local golfers keep our partner clubs front of mind when booking their next tee time.

There is not just one strategy that works on its own and the combination of all of these approaches will increase how effective a golf clubs social media is, these strategies are as follows:

  • ‘Moving’ Content – This is video lead content, which is known to perform better than a static image on social platforms. These pieces can then be pushed on to Facebook and Instagrams Reel feature, one that Meta are heavily encouraging their users to use. This content will be simple videos that showcases various aspects of a golf club such as the clubhouse, the course, or simply a great review.
  • Social Media Facelift – This is where we conduct a tidying up exercise and facelift of a golf club’s social media profiles. This will make the information that the customers want to see easier to find, whilst also making the profile seem more professional. This will include any branding a golf club currently has on its website, so the social media page seems like a branch of the golf club’s website, instead of its own entity.
  • Engagement lead content – This approach is one that does not promote/commercialise a golf clubs green fee offers or any part of the business, but instead drives your audience to comment, discuss and engage with the content. The testing we undertook revealed a 45% increase of engagement in comparison to link/URL based content, this means more people are commenting, liking, and sharing the post.
  • Paid ContentWith a small budget Facebook/Instagram will then push a post right to the top of users that are most likely to interact with your content, it will also push this to users that have never engaged with your posts but have a great love of golf and are in your local area. This small investment dramatically improves the reach for your golf club.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and with the ever changing landscape of social media we will continue to adapt how we use these platforms to help promote our partner golf clubs.

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