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WFH presents new revenue opportunities for golf clubs

A recent study of 1.3m visitor rounds has shown that visiting golfers are now more likely to play in the afternoon than then morning. Using data from The Revenue Club’s reporting suite, REPORTS.GOLF, the recent trend has highlighted new revenue opportunities for golf clubs in what are traditionally quiet times.

The change is thought to have been brought about by the greater proportion of golfers that are working from home and using their flexible working arrangements to get out on the course more. There is also a notably higher proportion of play during the week than at weekends.

The flexible approach employed by The Revenue Club has allowed golf clubs to adapt to this trend and supplement membership fees with additional online visitor revenue as the market has evolved. Participation has remained high in recent years, and with the widely reported drop in membership revenue in 2023, there has been a subsequent increase in green fee income that has enabled courses to continue to grow their revenue, despite the cost of living crisis.

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