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Batchwood Golf Course

1Life contracted us to work with Batchwood Golf Course in 2019 to help them drive growth through their online sales. We did this by increasing efficiency, reducing their reliance on tee time brokers, and increasing revenue from direct bookings via their website. Combined with our marketing input, we were able to help the club immediately improve their sales and take advantage of the pandemic golfing boom that saw people flock to book their tee times online.

What we did

Implementing Intelligent Golf and removing third party bookings

We replaced the existing booking system with the commission free and mobile responsive booking system: Intelligent Golf. This enabled us to remove tee time brokers and the considerable cost of sale they imposed. This also provided a better customer booking journey and allowed for analytics tracking to help us better inform the club’s pricing.

Dynamic Pricing

The data gained from Intelligent Golf helped us to implement a pricing strategy that better reflected the supply and demand principles that are necessary for a modern golf club to thrive. Using historical sales data, course utilisation, and local competitor analysis, we were better placed to implement a pricing structure that charges the right prices at the right times to maximise revenue. Combined with weekly ‘rate sweeps’, which considers short term factors such as weather and immediate availability, we were able to make detailed changes to that strategy and increase sales and course usage.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team delivered a comprehensive digital strategy that included weekly social media posts, fortnightly email campaigns to the visitor database, and PPC digital advertising via Facebook and Google ads. We also addressed the golfing presence on the 1Life website as well as Google My Business and Bing Places. These activities complimented our new pricing structure to help increase revenue.


  • Batchwood is independent of third party tee time brokers, which had cost them in excess of £14k the previous year.
  • We have built a visitor email database of over 28k members who know to book directly with the club using its new, smoother, and customer friendly booking system- Intelligent Golf.
  • The data provided to us by Intelligent Golf has enabled us to build comprehensive reports of visitor data that we feedback to the club and use to help us price tee times.
  • This data has enabled us to more than double the average green fee booking.
  • Our strategy has helped Batchwood’s revenue soar, making over ten times more in direct online revenue in 2021 than they generated in 2018.
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