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Golf Membership Marketing – 3000%+ Return On Advertising Spend


Get Golfing have been working closely with The Revenue Club since 2018. As well as providing the core service, our partnership includes the oversight of paid marketing and management of Get Golfing’s CRM platform HubSpot. This enables us to coordinate a sophisticated marketing campaign alongside a refined sales process.

The Objectives

One of Get Golfing’s aims from August to December in 2023 was to increase the membership base across their twelve clubs. This involved a multi-platform marketing strategy involving Google Ads and Meta platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

The Strategy

Using the marketing funnel, a Meta campaign was setup to advertise our flexible membership. This campaign would spread awareness and create a high volume of leads, most of whom would ultimately decide not to purchase membership but would remain interested in the prospect. Our Google Ads, utilising both search and performance max campaigns, would then capitalise on this consideration and generate a lower number of high-quality membership leads, which would convert more easily. The Google ads were setup to attract leads for all types of membership.


As part of the enhanced service we were able to set up our ads in coordination with HubSpot. For the Meta campaign this meant we were able to setup workflows that played to the strengths of the USP of the campaign, which was that prospective members could use their flexible membership to play all the Get Golfing courses. Through HubSpot we were able to give users a choice of which club to make their ‘home course’ with workflows sending each lead to the relevant club.

Meta Results

  • Total spend of £1,275.
  • Seen 316,741 times by a total of 93,742 local golfers.
  • 644 leads generated at a cost of £1.97 per lead.
  • 16 deals won, 270 deals lost and 322 deals/enquiries still open.
  • A win rate of 2.48%.
  • A total return of £8,919 giving us a ROAS of 700%.
  • £116,248 in ‘missed revenue’ from open and lost deals/enquiries.

Google Results

  • Total spend of £1,884.
  • Seen 79,304 times.
  • 410 leads generated at a cost of £4.59 per lead.
  • 274 deals won, 47 deals lost and 89 deals/enquiries still open.
  • A win rate of 66.83%.
  • A total return of £58,921 giving us a ROAS of 3,127%.
  • £36,276 in ‘missed revenue’ from open and lost deals/enquiries.


Although the Google ad returned a much better ROAS, the awareness created by the Meta campaign ensured that the best results were gained by running both ads concurrently. Together they generated a total of £67,840 in new membership leads at a total ROAS of 2,148%!

Lessons Learned

In the enhanced service we don’t leave clubs to guess where things went right or wrong. Instead every marketing campaign is an opportunity to improve both our marketing effectiveness and the sales team process in order to achieve better results in the future. For this campaign too many leads were created by the Meta campaign, which resulted in a high number of deals left open and not being contacted quickly or extensively enough. Budgets will be dynamically adjusted in the future to stop sales teams being overloaded. We also learned, through examining the sales process in HubSpot, that a greater number of leads would have been converted had an SMS or WhatsApp been used as standard in the sales process. This will now form part of our next campaign.

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