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Cold Ashby Golf Centre – Dynamic Pricing

Cold Ashby Golf Centre started working with The Revenue Club in April 2022 to help with the launch of their electronic tee sheet, grow visitor income and enhance the online presence of the club.

Tee Sheet Launch & Digital Marketing

In the first year of working together we used our marketing expertise to build a solid foundation for the future by growing the visitor database in Intelligent Golf and ensuring their customers received relevant and creative marketing on a consistent basis. Cold Ashby also benefited from our use of organic Facebook posts with a clear ‘call to action’ to help drive additional traffic into their booking engine. At this point they retained a linear pricing structure that they had employed before. Online tee time sales got off to a solid start in the first year of working together and, from a standing start, it made up 29% of total visitor revenue in 2022 which demonstrates the impact of digital marketing on online sales.

“ As a new members’ owned club, we felt it important to have a strategic approach to our communications and The Revenue Club have been instrumental in implementing this; through a combination of social media and email campaigns to new and existing customers.”

Martin Hamill, Operations Manager. Cold Ashby GC

Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management

A year on from going live with their online tee sheet, Cold Ashby adopted our data led, dynamic approach to green fee pricing. This was combined with weekly pricing adjustments where pricing was adjusted up and down in line with demand based factors. When the revenue management activity was introduced alongside the regular digital marketing communications, the results were amplified and the club experienced a 78% uplift in visitor revenue in 2023, well ahead of the 8% growth that had been experienced across the wider market.

“We have successfully introduced dynamic green fee pricing for visitors in 2023. Alongside significant course improvements, this has led to a marked increase in our green fee revenue and we see it as a model that we will continue to use for the foreseeable future. The Revenue Clubs’s approach has been to recommend and suggest ideas that support our strategic objectives whilst remaining really flexible in helping our day to day operations with ongoing tee sheet support.”

2023 Results

  • Total visitor income 78% up on 2022.
  • Online visitor revenue 105% up on 2022.
  • Offline visitor revenue 23% up on 2022.
  • Web traffic to the booking engine 54% up on 2022.


Whilst digital marketing is evidently an essential component of increasing visitor income, in order to reach its full potential, the adoption of a dynamic pricing structure with ongoing revenue management accelerates growth exponentially. The data that is provided through REPORTS.GOLF also gives clubs a competitive advantage, allowing them to see national trends/benchmarks and demonstrating to boards and committees the progress that is being made.

“The management information provided by The Revenue Club offers valuable, up to date club and industry comparisons so we are able to review and compare our performance in areas such as web traffic, pricing effectiveness via conversion rates, and ultimately the ROI of this approach. These are all very relevant to myself as Club Manager and to our Board of Directors.”

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