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Customer Relationship Management

HubSpot & Get Golfing Case Study – PDF Download

Key Facts

  • HubSpot installed 2018.
  • 160,000 contacts within HubSpot in 4 years across 9 golf courses.
  • 5,500 members.
  • £14 million+ in revenue.
  • 30 HubSpot Sales Seats.
  • Nearly 4 million marketing emails sent in 2022.

Key Benefits

  • Online Payment Links.
  • Monitor Sales & Marketing performance.
  • Tailored communication with the customer base.
  • Efficiency through automation.

Starting with a single club in 2018, Get Golfing has grown to become one of the UKs largest golf course operators. The charity, whose primary aim is to increase participation in golf (alongside a number of other community objectives), adopted a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach to enhance their sales and marketing processes from an early stage in their own development.

The Revenue Club installed HubSpot in 2018 and retains full oversight of the system, managing all processes from initial marketing campaigns, through to detailed sales reports and everything in between.

While using the system to grow their customer base, Get Golfing have evolved quickly and now own and operate nine sites under long leases with 5,500 members and over 100,000 unique visitors each year. The charity employs between 250 and 400 staff (depending on the time of year) and have annual revenues of circa £12 million with annual surpluses of approximately £2m. These surpluses are re-invested back into their venues and staff careers alongside their community objectives.

The use of HubSpot CRM helps to manage inbound sales enquiries and better understand the effectiveness of their marketing. All sales focused marketing activity directs golfers towards HubSpot which powers forms on their website, facilitating customer enquiries and assisting with data collection to grow the strength of their customer base. The forms are set up with variable levels of automation to ensure rapid response times, giving customers the right information when they ask for it.

New ‘deals’ are then managed through the sales pipeline and the sales team receive automated prompts to help them prioritise and keep on top of enquiries.

The Revenue Club have built automations that notify sales teams when customers are looking repeatedly at certain areas of the website. This enables tailored marketing communications to focus on particular groups, increase leads and grow the conversion rate from inbound enquiries.

Templated responses are available to the sales team and can be sent from the club via HubSpot saving time, optimising communication with relevant information that enables a high level of perceived customer service. The sales teams find it useful to have all historic correspondence with every contact on hand to allow further tailoring to the responses.

Customer activity is monitored through HubSpot allowing for more proactive communication at the right time as call connectivity and email opens are monitored. This reduces the volume of unsuccessful outbound calls, making club sales staff more efficient at handling leads.

To highlight the impact of the different marketing campaigns that are designed by the specialist digital marketing team at The Revenue Club, all paid online marketing is managed in conjunction with HubSpot. It illustrates where new leads have come from, and tracks the customer journey through the sales process, enabling a financial value to be assigned to each lead that is closed. This allows the golf club to show a definitive return on advertising spend (ROAS) on all campaigns and gives further intelligence on where best to devote budgets for future communications.

Comprehensive reports on all areas of the sales and marketing function allow operators to identify best practices in a number of different areas, such as the lead time for enquiry to booking for golf societies, and when they are most likely to book. These automated reports provide vital information to the club, which allows them to make data led decisions that ultimately lead to a more refined sales process and considerable increases in the revenue that golf clubs can generate whilst becoming more efficient.

Get Golfing have committed to using the software for the next three years as they develop their sales and marketing cycles further alongside The Revenue Club. This significant breakthrough has allowed the organisation to grow by professionalising the sales process and harness the efficiencies and potential that this market leading technology provides.

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